Why Worktop Quality Matters?

Kitchen featuring oak wooden worktopThe wonderful thing about the Internet is being able to find anything you're looking for at a good price. Kitchen Worktops Direct has been in the kitchen business for over 25 years, the last 9 being on the Internet. We are one of the leaders in this field for one simple reason. We understand the market, which is why we cut our costs and sell to the public at trade prices.

Supplying at good prices is what we're all about, however it's one thing to get something at a good price, it's quite another to get stung with shoddy goods. Kitchen Worktops Direct, only deal in top quality produce sourced both locally and manufactured for us at high quality well managed mills in Europe.

We have not been tempted to lower our standards. Our mission of "High Quality at low price" stands strong. This is despite the market being flooded with inferior quality woods being promoted as on a par with leading suppliers like us. For example, though 20yr old Oak from China and Eastern Europe is being advertised as equivalent in quality to our 150 yr old forestry commissioned Oak, we remain less expensive without any compromise to quality or service whatsoever. Sadly, this influx of low quality products sold as upmarket is now a fact of life in all sectors of the retail business.

We would urge you to check the source of any worktop you see advertised to establish that it is a quality product. After all why would you spend thousands on your new kitchen and put a shabby worktop on top of it?

Some questions you should ask a potential supplier

  • What grade is the wood - shouldn't be less than A/B
  • How old is the wood - Oak shouldn't be less than 150 yrs Old
  • Where does the wood come from - Should be able to state sustainable sources
  • What humidity is the wood - Should be able to state under 10%
  • How long should the wood lie before oiling - Should state minimum 48hrs

Failure by a supplier to answer the above should give you cause for concern as wood purchased without these questions being answered could meant that your cheap investment becomes twisted and warped within days, unusable and un-refundable.

For further advise don't hesitate to call us.