Quote For Corian Worktop
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This is the Corian quote calculator. By following the step by step guide you are on the first stage towards a customized corian worktop which is tailor made to kit your kitchen perfectly.

  1. Select a worktop colour from the selection of available colours below
  2. Enter the outside dimensions of each piece of corian and options
  3. Request order confirmation of quote

Select a colour sample and get a quote for your Corian worktop


  Additional Corian colours are available on request. These are not recommended for use for heavy use such as kitchen worktops. Please contact our slaes team for more information.
** The veining of these colours may vary in intensity and highlight joints.
*** The appearance of this colour may slightly vary due to the high recycled content
The "Illumination Series" introduces colours with superior translucency to enhance the potential for lighting effects with Corian®. Possible finishes: matte, semigloss, gloss. Different thicknesses and colours are available according to our special order policy. Standard dimensions are nominal (12 mm).
  Colour groups 1-4 indicate price groups.
  Screen or printed representation of colours may vary from actual samples.