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Maia Worktops is the next big thing in work surfaces and kitchen worktop design, made to mimic the look of real stone without the cost or inherent drawbacks.

Maia worktops are soft to the touch, aesthetically appealing with virtually inconspicuous joints but this is only a few of Maia worktops great attributes.

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Maia FIRA Gold AwardMaia has also achieved the FIRA Gold Award for product excellence, and is backed by a ten-year guarantee.

Maia worktops are also:

  • Much more heat resistant than its stone counterparts
  • Extremely hygienic due to its smooth non porous surface
  • Maia worktops are Impenetrable to dirt, dust and bacteria
  • Easy to clean and maintain with normal household cleaners
  • Inconspicuous joints can be achieved
  • UV resistant - will not fade or discolour
  • Scratches can be simply polished away
  • Can be machined like wood

Now with all Maia's great attributes you can see why so many industries from food and hotels to hospitals and science labs are making Maia work surfaces there number one choice!

Installation of Maia Worktops

With Maia's easy fit system it allows you to easily install the worktop to fit your own design requirements

Surfaces can be readily installed using standard wood working equipment and they are supplied pre-edged. All that this means is that there is no need for expensive and time consuming templating usually associated with solid surface products.

Care and maintenance of maia

Routine Cleaning

Most dirt and light residue on maia will easily wipe away with a damp cloth and soapy water then it should be rinsed with water and dried. Persistent marks can be removed by using a mild-abrasive cleaner, but harsh scouring powders should be avoided.


Even though maia surfaces will withstand heat better than many alternative surface materials It is always important to remember to place hot pots and pans on worktop protectors as not to expose the worktop to prolonged periods of heat exposure, boiling water and cooking splashes will not harm a maia worktop!


Maia, unlike Marble and Granite, will resist most household chemicals including alcohol and cosmetics however, some chemicals and strong dyes can cause damage and discolouration. If spillage occurs wipe off immediately and rinse area thoroughly.

Minor Scratching

Always remember to use cutting boards. Don't worry though, any minor scratches can easily be removed using a Scotch-BriteTM pad and other items from the care kit, please refer to the care and maintenance guide.

Maia Care Kit

To help maintain your maia worksurface, a Care Kit is available This kit contains all that you need to make minor repairs to the surface and a special polish that helps to maintain, protect and build up a lustre particularly on darker colours.