Worktop Laminates

Laminate Worktops come in many different forms. At Kitchen Worktops Direct you can have composite laminates, counter laminates, and even sparkly laminates.

Whatever choice you decide to make from our range, we will certainly do our best to provide you with a distinct kitchen or bathroom worktop, good looking, with an attractive guarantee and an affordable price. We have a great selection of different brands each with their own individual characteristics. Do take a moment to look through our different brands you will be pleasantly surprised to see the new directions that many laminates have taken. We stock Axiom, Bushboard, Duropal and Artis Bohemian all are visually different but all using a similar structure.

Worktop Laminates are built around a chipboard core, which is a clean and environmentally sustainable material. The core is treated and sealed before the clean laminate surface is applied. The surface is water and heat resistant and easy to clean, although avoid chopping on the surface or placing very hot pans directly onto it. The back edge and underside are also tightly sealed, to avoid the risk of any expansion if exposed to water. Modern photographic and printing methods make Laminates extremely versatile at duplication almost any natural worktops design, without spending a fortune.

Worktops laminate photo