Rustic Oak Worktops

Rustic Oak wood sampleRustic Oak is an increasingly popular material more commonly found in furniture and floors. At Kitchen Worktops Direct we are delighted to offer a beautiful, character filled, kitchen worktop that displays Rustic Oaks timeless appeal. If you are looking for an authentic, medium grained, solid wood worktop that has warmth and simple good looks then Rustic Oak is definitely the one. Many kitchen designs incorporate original features such as oak beams, an oak mantelpiece or even that bespoke oak cupboard that links your dining room area with your open plan kitchen. If you have inherited any of these architectural features then Rustic oak may just be what you need. Imagine Rustic Oak on top of your Kitchen Island or worktops, or combining your hardwood kitchen work surface with a contemporary piece that you have wanted to highlight, Rustic Oak will bring the wow factor, knitting together those random objects linked by time. Rustic Oak is inherently one of the most durable of kitchen worktops and if treated and maintained will last as long as you want. Remember, that inherited grain within Rustic Oak goes all the way through, so it can be sanded, if needs be and will come up looking like new.

Our range includes Ash, Cherry, Prime Beech, Rustic Beech, Iroko, Oak and Rubberwood kitchen worktops all in a wide range of stocks and sizes. We deliver weekly throughout the United Kingdom. You may be pleasantly surprised knowing that our Rustic Oak kitchen worktops could soon be yours. Do call us for a no obligation quote or e mail us at

40mm Staves

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1500x620x40mm £ 178.99 Add to Cart
2000x620x40mm £ 236.99 Add to Cart
2400x620x40mm £ 259.99 Add to Cart
1500x620x27mm £ 156.99 Add to Cart
2000x620x27mm £ 206.99 Add to Cart
2400x620x27mm £ 244.99 Add to Cart
3000x620x27mm £ 309.99 Add to Cart
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Danish Oil £ 9.00 Add to Cart