How to care and maintain Granite Worktops?

Worktops granite image
  • Wipe away spillages immediately, especially those of oil, strongly coloured food and drink and acid spillages, such as vinegar.
  • Never use abrasive cleaning products such as metal pads, scouring detergents or wire wool on the granite worktop, as these can affect the finish over time. Also avoid alkaline and chlorine based cleaners and never use bleach. Granite is easily maintained with a damp cloth and for more stubborn stains, the use of a mild or neutral detergent will usually be sufficient to remove them.
  • Do not allow the build up of salt or detergent on your granite worktop.
  • Do not expose the granite to excessive heat, it is recommended that you use a pot stand when taking pans off the heat.
  • Over time, it is natural for the sheen of your granite worktop to change, depending on the usage it endures. This can be easily restored by using a granite polishing cream.