Bushboard Omega Worktops

Bushboard Omega worktopsBushboard state that their Omega kitchen worktops are 'inspirational surfaces'. We know that worktops provide important visual continuity in the over all look of your kitchen, so the diverse colour range of Omega, may just be what you need to complete your own creative choices.

Omega offers textured high gloss finishes, that range from airy light shades of cream and white, to pleasant mid tones of beige, green and blue, then into dramatic darker shades of grey, blue and black. Omega kitchen worktops also include the warm tones of wood grains that show superb portrayals of their original source.

HiGloss finishes help create natural granite looks at a fraction of the cost. Although HiGloss benefits from the latest enhanced surface technology against scuffing and marking, we advise all our customers that the fashionable gloss finish tends to show marks and scratches more readily. Do consider this, if your Bushboard Omega Hi Gloss worktops are going to have heavier than normal usage.

Splashbacks and Upstands

Bushboard Omega kitchen worktops offer splashbacks and upstands, in selected colours, to match your worktops. Taking the easy step of fitting splashbacks can transform your kitchen into a luxurious and hygienic workspace. Adding HiGloss Upstands can help mirror the image of granite to a greater effect without the high cost of the genuine article.

Our on line shop will guide you easily through the motion of selecting and buying your new Omega kitchen worktops. You will find our prices and ease of purchasing simple to use. To speak to one of our advisors, call any of our telephone numbers, alternately go to the shopping cart and get started.

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