Bathroom Worktops and Vanity Tops

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100% waterproof laminate and
composite bathroom worktops.
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Solid surface materials and the UKs leading edge waterproof laminates, provide Bathroom Worktops that will assure you long lasting performance in your home. At KWD we want to supply you with the finest quality materials and a craftsmanship approach that includes easy installation and simple maintenance.

Whether you are looking for small bathroom ideas, bathroom vanity units, or complete bathroom remodeling, we will have the right worktops surface to take your bathroom from predictable to irresistible. Bathrooms are a main focal point in home design. A well-designed bathroom is integral to the overall character of a house. It has to feel good to you, your family and any potential buyer in the future. Bathroom worktops are a contributory factor that determines the final look and feel of your bathroom. Once you have chosen your vanity unit, the next step is to select a beautiful bathroom worktop to accentuate it to the max.

To achieve this so that the affects are long lasting, it is of course important to select the right material. A bathroom environment can prove very hard on an inexpensive worktop where water and harsh cleaning materials are often in use.

So do select an enduring bathroom worktop that will not only look great but also be easy to install, hygienic, long lasting and maintenance free.

We can advise with confidence our following ranges. They include all the essential elements in an attractive, long lasting bathroom worktop. Your kitchen and bathroom deserve to be more than just functional, with the right bathroom worktop stretching beyond your bathroom vanity units, think what they could do to those tired spaces. You may just have the found the perfect place to relax.

In keeping with our mission statement, we continue to offer you the best product at the lowest cost and we have again succeeded in achieving that with these outstanding performance bathroom worktops. We offer an extensive palette of contemporary colours, designs and textures. This product is a UK top brand composite and high tech waterproof laminate bathroom worktop, available with matching wall panels. Finish of your great new bathroom design with perfectly coordinating and waterproof wall design. You know you deserve it.