Artis Smartstone

Artis worktops photo

At Go Worktops Ltd we make it our business to find every option available to our customers. We would like you to consider Artis Smartstone as a very affordable solid surfacing system with extraordinary looks and practically undetectable seams.

Smartstone's secret is in the advance factory finish 2mm surface and 6mm precision multiple edges, eliminating customisation templating and long lead times.

Engineering a sophisticated three-dimensional stone landscape, Smartstone's intelligent modular range mirrors all of the design durability characteristics associated with traditional solid surfacing. However, just like laminate worktops, it is available of-the-shelf and can be installed immediately.

Artis Smartstone Installation

Installing Smartstone is simplicity itself. Standard elements are cut to length and joined by a special adhesive. Fining and polishing forms a homogeneous appearance with stunning crystalline depth hewn from a single factor.

Smooth ultra clean and stain resistant, Smartstone proves itself as an elegant practical and hygienic surfacing solution.


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Click the colour for instant quote