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What is Apollo Quartz?

Apollo Quartz ImageryApollo Quartz Worktop is a Composite Worktop of one of the Most Varied Minerals occurring in Different Types, Colours and Forms. The Versatility of Apollo Quartz Worktop product gives Individual and Unique Appearance.

Apollo Quartz Worktops is found in the Ground, in Sand or Rocks and in almost every Geological Location around the world. Apollo Quartz is a Crystal with many facets in its original form, giving it Radiance Similar to Diamonds. When this beautiful natural resource is professional processed and sculpted into the Apollo Quartz range of kitchen worktops, the result is stunning, while possessing extraordinary strength and durability.

Timeless Worktop Beauty

Apollo Quartz Worktops comes complete with a Polished Finish. It is also ideal for Vanity Tops, Work Surfaces, Cladding etc.

Apollo Quartz Worktops is extremely hard, being 7 on the 'Moh's Hardness Scale'.

Apollo Quartz Worktops Surfaces are very easy to maintain. The Quartz used coupled with High-Performance, Stain Resistant Polymers results in a Durable, Non-Porous, Chemical Resistant Surface.

Apollo Quartz Worktops keeps its Lustrous Gloss and Ultra-Smooth Surface without polishing. As it is nonporous, it does not require sealants or waxes.

Apollo Quartz Worktops is available in a choice of 33 Beautiful Colours to Compliment your Kitchen.

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